The World Dog Show of the year 2013 is hosting by Hungarian Kennel Club and is taking place in the capital of Hungary in Budapest from 16th to 19th May 2013.

The day before the beginning of World Dog Show, on 15th May, you can also participate on the International Dog Show. The minor as well as the major event are taking place in Hungexpo, Albertirsai 10, Budapest.

World Dog Show 2013 will be held in Budapest, city with over 300 hotels

City of Budapest with cultural background of a European capital will be the venue of 2013 World Dog Show. You are welcome to book accommodation for this event with us in hotels and apartments around the Hungexpo exhibition center

Accommodation for dog breeder for World Dog Show Budapest and Hungarian International Dog Show focusing on Hungarian breeds like vizsla

Many dog breeds like Hungarian Vizsla will be present at 2013 World Dogshow in Budapest