European Dog Show 2012 - Bucharest, Romania

Didier from France
Your organization of our stay in Romania was very helpful and I must say the hotel we stayed was very comfortable especially for staying with dogs. We needed to sleep well for an early morning wake up what was no problem at all. The hotel possesed area where we could sit with other people for a longer time and a nice time we spend there talking to others. Overall we were very satisfied.

Ferenc from Hungary
A friend of mine reccommended me your company when I was desperately searching for a convenient located hotel, that accepts dogs and finally I got what I was looking for. Me and my wife were satisfied with all the services and the hotel.

Ia from Sweden
Your service was proffesional, everything went quick and easy. Also hotel was very good, room was clean and the staff was very friendly. 

World Dog show 2012 - Salzburg, Austria

Galina from Russia
Your service was very good with immediately respons. Room was big enough and clean. Our family enjoyed the whole dog show.

Fabio from Italy
They made us feel welcomed in the hotel with our dogs and everyone there was friendly and heplful with all we needed. We suppose the hotel is used to the families traviling with dogs to ths location. Hotel was close and we just had to travel to show for about 2 stops with public transport.

Louise from Denmark
Guesthouse was middle class with nice staff. We got what we paid for, room was big enough for both of us and for our two dogs as well. In the future we will come back to you for sure.

European Dog Show 2011 - Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Simona from Romania
Excellent hotel - thank you for support.

Adele from Italy
Reservation handling was very good. Also accommodation property HCR Oostergoo and their customer service was very good and the hotel was very well suitable for travellers with dogs.

Pia from Finland
I'm very pleased for your help to find a hotel for us. Hotel was nice but not so good for the dogs. Place was very near at the canal so no gras or any place to let dogs for run. Room was quite small and a bit too expencive. People at the hotel were very friendly and helpful and check in and out went very smoothly. My opinion is that the hotel is excellent for people travelling without dogs or with small dogs. We have belgian shepherds and they were a little bit too big for the room :)

World Dog Show 2011 - Paris, France

Camilla from Italy
La gestione della prenotazione: precisa e puntuale, molto disponibile. Facile da prenotare e risposte immediate.

Molli from Finland
We were extremely pleased with your service. Reservation handling was fast and flexible. Hotel Le Celtic was a PEARL, very good rooms, super food and extremely good service. The owner was great and his shuttle service from and to the show was great! The only minus was that the hotel was practically in the middle of nowhere, so there was not a shop or anything where to buy water etc. but that's only a little minus. Otherwise all was perfect for travellers with dogs.

Dana from Romania
Thank you very much, everything was perfect, it was a pleasure working with you and would do it again!

Pirjo from Finland.
I was very satisfied with Your services. Everything went well and the hotel was OK,
specially the location was very good close to the train/subway.

European Dog Show 2010 - Celje, Slovenia

Svetlana & 2 other girls from Finland
Thanks a lot for your help with our accommodation at the European Dog Show 2010, it was very nice from all points, we are very thankful to you!

Ole and his daughter Katrine from Denmark, who was attending juniorhandler competition with beagles
We had a very pleasant stay with a lovely hotel, easy way to the show, and nice parking-facilities. Good space at the show with fairly sized rings. Further more my doughter Katrine was among the 4 best juniorhandlers.

Cecilia Jurado from Spain
We stayed in House Vitapark and it was a very good place to stay, near the show and suitability rooms and a delicious food! We are so grateful with you to help us and to find us this beatiful place.

Ken travelling from Australia without dogs
We have nothing but praise for the whole time of our stay :)!
The reservation handling was very efficient, quick and great service.
We had a wonderful time in Celje. The Vila Monet we would recommend to anyone, excellent service and a very comfortable large room, relaxing. The only thing the first time there was to find it, not so easy until you know but that may have been our fault! The Vila Monet did not allow dogs into the rooms, they had to be left in trailers or cars but this did not affect us as we were only attending the EDS this time.

Marina & her irish wolfhound coming from Russia
Thanks a lot for accommodation. Everything was perfect. We liked the hotel, service and that it was situated close to the show. My Irish wolfhound became Young Vice-European Champion, so he is glad also.

Renata & Paolo from Italy
We were all very well in hotel that you have reported. The rooms were clean and good service. We hope to serve you again for other occasions.

Margarete with Kessy from Austria
The booking with you folded outstanding and the hotel Jasmine strove really completely madly for the doghandler and their four-legged companion.
The room-service was okay. we come on the first day lately in the hotel (ca. 21 hour) and we become a dinner. Thiswasvery, verysuper!!!

Alice Gasparoni from Italy
When I was trying to make this reservation, all your staff were been very friendly and helpful!!
Celje is a very nice city! I was never been in Celje  and I hope to come back as soon as possible!
My boyfriend and me, travel a lot! Around the world and so, we try a lot of hotel!
I think that Vila Monet is been one of the best if not the best that we have tried!
Very very very very clean!, comfortable, nice room, spacious room, quite room!, very good!
Staff is vey friendly and helpful and breakfast very good!
We are very happy about our stay!!

Gianluca with two dogs from Italy booked successfuly the accommodation only 2 weeks before the start of show
I had a very good ime at Celje at the pension ..everything ok..good room and very good breakfast, thanks.


World Dog Show 2010 - Herning, Denmark

Natascha from Germany
We had a great time at world dog show in Denmark this summer. Thank you for helping us with accommodation, the hotel was so comfy and close to the exhibition center.

Francesco with family and a pair of golden retrievers travelling from Italy
Really big thank you to all of your company, our travel to Denmark was almost skipped, because of troubles with finding hotel, but thanks to my friend who gave us reference about you and you found us hotel in driving distance one week before the show starts, we were able to participate on show.
Grazie !

Katarzyna from Poland and her great danes
All staff at hotel was so kind to us and our big dogs, we and our two great danes really appriciated staying with us in room. Hope you will continue with your bussiness, i would like to use your services further.


Crufts 2010 - Birmingham, UK

Lars from Denmark
Thanks for arranging hassle free stay in Birmingham close to exhibition centre where Crufts took place. Even the hotel was not cheap, we understand that during such popular event the prices are high.

Jorge travelled from Spain with a small group of dog lovers
It was our first visit to Crufts and we really liked the event. Due to your professional approach we enjoyed good accommodation for 5 nights. The hotel staff was aware that we are coming with dogs and there were very kind with preparing small bowls in all our rooms for the dogs.
We look forward to use your assistance for our future trips.


World Dog Show 2009 - Bratislava, Slovakia

Inna organised a group of dog owners from Moscow and despite traveling nearly 36 hours by bus to Bratislava, they enjoyed their stay.
I am very grateful to you for your reception for us. All suited me. It was especially pleasant to communicate in native language for me:))
Hotel excellent, pure and convenient. The place where the hotel is located, very beautiful landscape very was pleasant and is where to take a walk together with dog. I am very grateful to you for confidential the relation and the help to us on reception of the voucher for the visa!
So I cannot think up any wishes:)), all was pleasant to me!
I with pleasure will co-operate with you further! Good luck to you in business! I wish you to reach much!

Ioannis from Greece and his friend arrived to Bratislave with their Cane Corso
The WDS was a dream for us, which came true.
My verdict is only one word "EXCELLENT". I shall remember you and the Pension pod Pyramidou and the people there forever. I will be very happy to have again the chance to repeat this in future.

Hanna from Finland planned to participate on the show with their dog, but due to illness only her daughter Laura arrived as visitor
Laura had good time at the hotel. Nothing to complain. Only problem with her travel was that the local bus driver did not speak english or german, and she got into the bus to a wrong direction or drove by. But as I said, the hotel was very ok.

Egle from Lithuania made the reservation only 2 weeks before arrival, however we were able to find accommodation only 30 minutes away from the show-grounds
Great great thanks for your attencion and help for us.
Everything was very nice. We were in Hotel Nostalgia in Senec. We had everything necesary - separated room with bathroom.
We had good time in your country, visited World dog show, Bratislava, Vinicne.
Was very nice to see 1 warm day and to remember summer. Was great to travel trought the mountanes - we have no this miracle of nature. Pleasant pleople, low prices (to comparing with ours).
Thank you.