Specialised travel company for pet owners attending exhibitions and pet shows

Having long track of record as a tour operator capable to provide dedicated service to its customers and with our managing director being a dog lover since childhood, there was just short step to start the first international travel company exclusively focused on travel to pet shows (most popular of course being the arrangement of hotels during dog shows accross Europe).
We started with organisation of accommodation during the WUSV World Championship (World Union of German Shepherd Dog) in 2007, followed by provision of service for more than 400 travelers to the World Dog Show 2009 that was held in Bratislava, Slovakia. Our know-how of incoming travel agency with employees in Slovakia, Ukraine, Croatia and Romania, as well as partners and suppliers in Slovenia, Estonia, Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Poland and Serbia, makes us confident to expand the travel business for pet owners to international level.
Knowing the priorities of the dog owners as well as visitors to the shows, we strive hard to provide the required services. We check hotels, pensions and inns, arrange the best conditions and organise further services like airport transfers, car rental and visa support.
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